Sunday, March 11, 2018

#7 - Wacky Taxi

Oh boy, this movie.

In a sentence: A guy who looks like Manos quits his job at the can making factory and buys the most used car in existence to run as an unlicensed taxi.

Pepper, our hero, runs all the way home so that you know he's a passionate man even before we reach his house and see his four kids, and his pregnant wife.

This is probably the heaviest "G" rated movie I've ever seen.  There are themes of class warfare, and cultural shame.  A woman undresses in the back of Pepper's taxi on the way to Tijuana for a dubious appointment.  There are repeated demonstrations of how the institutions of society don't work for a person on the margins.

Pepper's lawyer brother-in-law is cast as the bad guy, poo-pooing Pepper's dream.  Does encouraging your brother-in-law to keep a steady job to feed his family rather than run an illegal taxi really make you a bad guy?

This seems to be a moot point when Pepper's taxi gets stolen.  But the neighborhood children scour the area and find the car in a junkyard.

Pepper's jerk brother-in-law bank rolls Pepper's licensing, and we squeeze in a happy ending in the last few minutes of the movie.

The movie is available to watch for free.  But for 17 cents, buying it was cheaper than a taxi meter.