Sunday, March 4, 2018

#6 - Against a Crooked Sky

Oh boy this movie.

Man, it's been a whole several weeks since a western, so that's something.

After a medicine woman goes off to cure a case of cholera, a small, unknown band of Native Americans chase down her children.  The boy, characterized early when he punches a calf out of frustration, gets away.  The girl, who gives a little speech on how she would give her life for any member of her family, even her jerk brother, falls off the horse, breaks her leg, and is captured.

Pa and the boy sort of take it in turns to go out searching for her.

It's one of that genre of western where people say "Injun" a lot.

It's a movie where the boy tells his horse, "We got to swim this."  But what he really means is, "You got to swim this while I sit on your back."

It's a movie where someone says "dangnabit" unironically.

It's a movie whose best actor is the rust red and sage green vistas of the southwestern desert seen in the background.  Its themes have not aged super well.  Its only peace offering is a completely bananas ending.

In a world where westerns are a dime a dozen, is it possible for this one to be worth seventeen cents?  Maybe?  But it's also available for free here.