Sunday, March 25, 2018

#9 - The Proud and the Damned

Oh boy, this movie.

In a sentence: A group of former confederate soldiers you don't care about wander Central America from place to place you don't care about and get mixed up in a civil war that who cares.

From the get go this one felt like a long one.

I had hoped the presence of Caesar Romero would help, but it did not.

No event in this movie feels worth relating, and no part of it feels worth 17 cents.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

#8 - Rogue Male

Oh boy this movie.

Let's get this over with early, Peter O'Toole easily makes this worth 17 cents.  So does the man who plays his uncle, who has some great lines.

In a sentence: Peter O'Toole plays an assassin, fugitive, sportsman, aristocrat, hobbit, outlaw in pre-war England.

Now you see a movie called Rogue Male, and you might wonder if Peter O'Toole is a dubious stage name for an adult film actor, but it's the real deal.

Sir Robert Hunter ( bit on the nose ) is caught in the midst of the slowest assassination attempt of Hitler.  After the Nazis botch an attempt at framing his murder in a way that won't upset his influential uncle, he makes his escape and becomes the hunted.  After being followed around London, he goes to ground in the familiar countryside.

It actually looks like they're in the process of remaking this movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and I can see why.  It's a good movie, though it definitely has the pace of a 70's film.

It's available here for free, but I'm going to award it the highest award for this project: a Full Quarter.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

#7 - Wacky Taxi

Oh boy, this movie.

In a sentence: A guy who looks like Manos quits his job at the can making factory and buys the most used car in existence to run as an unlicensed taxi.

Pepper, our hero, runs all the way home so that you know he's a passionate man even before we reach his house and see his four kids, and his pregnant wife.

This is probably the heaviest "G" rated movie I've ever seen.  There are themes of class warfare, and cultural shame.  A woman undresses in the back of Pepper's taxi on the way to Tijuana for a dubious appointment.  There are repeated demonstrations of how the institutions of society don't work for a person on the margins.

Pepper's lawyer brother-in-law is cast as the bad guy, poo-pooing Pepper's dream.  Does encouraging your brother-in-law to keep a steady job to feed his family rather than run an illegal taxi really make you a bad guy?

This seems to be a moot point when Pepper's taxi gets stolen.  But the neighborhood children scour the area and find the car in a junkyard.

Pepper's jerk brother-in-law bank rolls Pepper's licensing, and we squeeze in a happy ending in the last few minutes of the movie.

The movie is available to watch for free.  But for 17 cents, buying it was cheaper than a taxi meter.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

#6 - Against a Crooked Sky

Oh boy this movie.

Man, it's been a whole several weeks since a western, so that's something.

After a medicine woman goes off to cure a case of cholera, a small, unknown band of Native Americans chase down her children.  The boy, characterized early when he punches a calf out of frustration, gets away.  The girl, who gives a little speech on how she would give her life for any member of her family, even her jerk brother, falls off the horse, breaks her leg, and is captured.

Pa and the boy sort of take it in turns to go out searching for her.

It's one of that genre of western where people say "Injun" a lot.

It's a movie where the boy tells his horse, "We got to swim this."  But what he really means is, "You got to swim this while I sit on your back."

It's a movie where someone says "dangnabit" unironically.

It's a movie whose best actor is the rust red and sage green vistas of the southwestern desert seen in the background.  Its themes have not aged super well.  Its only peace offering is a completely bananas ending.

In a world where westerns are a dime a dozen, is it possible for this one to be worth seventeen cents?  Maybe?  But it's also available for free here.