Sunday, February 25, 2018

#5 - Crypt of the Living Dead

Oh boy this movie.  Also known as Hannah, Queen of the Vampires, this is the first black and white film in the collection.

One sentence summary: A group of people on an island avoid doing the one thing they know will work to stop the vampire terrorizing them until the end of the movie, when they do it.

It opens with a murder by dropping a sarcophagus on a man, and follows his son's efforts to solve the crime.  But oh no, there's a vampire in that sarcophagus!  And there's a fur covered laughing wild man peeking in windows!  And a stone faced blind fisherman who has things figured out right after his dog gets eaten by the vampire in wolf form.

The audio sounds like everyone is talking into a coffee can.  The close ups are very close.  Attempts at dialogue constantly devolve into monologue.

After last week's movie I had high hopes.  That was my fault.

Is this Spanish/American production worth 17 cents?  I suppose it depends on the exchange rate.