Sunday, February 18, 2018

#4 - The Klansman

Oh boy, this movie.

I thought, well Lee Marvin, sure.  Richard Burton, great.  The Big Lebowski, uh huh.  Linda Evans, cool.  O.J. Simpson, okay?

There are some uncomfortable scenes in this movie, and not in an amusing, The Office sort of way.  The exception may be when gimpy Richard Burton uses karate chops to kick some ass.  You see, it's Jujitsu he learned in the Marines.

There were parts where I wished I was watching The Last of the Belles.  But on its plus side, it does have a couple of car explosions, and a big ol' ( well smallish to medium ) gun fight at the end.  The sort of gun fight where no one puts in too much effort aiming.

I can't emphasize how little seventeen cents is, but maybe this movie can.