Sunday, February 11, 2018

#3 - The Last of the Belles

Oh boy this movie.

It doesn't open with a hanging, so that's new.

If you love exposition, this movie delivers right away.  If you love F. Scott Fitzgerald as a douche bag diner and his wife Zelda as just this side of catatonic, the movie delivers just after the exposition.

Most of the film is spent in flashback as Fitzgerald is a young officer waiting to be sent to the great war, which he will eventually miss.  He spends his time hopelessly fawning over Allie Calhoun ( Susan Sarandon ), a favorite pastime for many young officers.

Titles preface each act, but I find they aren't properly descriptive, so I have re-titled them.

Act I - Dinner for Too Long
Act II - Speak Uneasy
Act III - Susan Sarandon Is In This Movie
Act IV - Dance Scott Fitzjealous
Act V - Fitzgerald Gets Schoen Up
Act VI - Janes, Trains, and Autobiographies

It's available on YouTube, but that doesn't mean you should watch it.  Is it worth seventeen cents?  Well sugar, it is awfully sincere.