Sunday, January 28, 2018

#1 The Hanged Man

In 1974's The Hanged Man, James Devlin is an outlaw horseman whose botched hanging leaves him an outlaw hoarse man.

Though some regard his coming back to life as a miraculous resurrection, he still finds himself in legal limbo as the authorities are not able to decide whether he should be executed a second time or if he has in fact served out his sentence.

Devlin's corpse cold hands drive off his woman, and he is left adrift and alone in the world.

Fortunately he comes across a boy practicing his lantern signalling (in the middle of the day) just in time to watch the youngster get bit by a rattlesnake and bleed the poison out of the bite with a dirty knife.

Devlin returns the boy to his widowed mother who is, this being a western, quite comely.

With nothing much else to do, he stays on with the family to protect the mine from evil silver magnate Lew Halleck and his team of muscle lead by Billy Irons.

Honestly, this movie has everything you could want out of a western.  Characters staring at other characters.  Pulling up horses to talk to people.  Characters staring back.  Gun fights.  Even a touch of dynamite.

Sure you can watch it for free on Youtube.  But I still say it's worth every penny of $0.17.